Minus.com API v2 Reference

At the lowest level, Minus exposes its API with a REST, http-accessible, API. We have designed our API to allow you to easily create folders and upload files programmatically.

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API objects

Through the API the developers can read/edit/create/delete the main 3 objects of the Minus System.


Minus API can return object and list as a response.

List pagination

A Standard list response looks like this:

    "results": [{...},...],
    "page": 2,
    "next": null,
    "per_page": 50,
    "total": 3,
    "pages": 2,
    "previous": "/api/v2/folders/1FxDi1RA/files?page=1"
Field Type Description
results object list Contains the list of objects.
page integer Actual page of list
next string Link to next page
per_page integer Maximum number of items on a page
total integer Total number of items
pages integer Total number of pages
previous string Link to previous page

table: overview of fields on a list page.


To use the Minus API the developers have to register their applications. Every application gets an ID and a secret which allows the Minus to identify and authenticate the requests from the applications.

We have a short overview about oAuth 2.0, which is the only way of the authentication and authorization.

The tutorial section shows practical examples to implement oAuth 2.0 on the client side.


During the testing period developers should request an API key via email.

Where can you find the API?

It’s located under:


Using https connection is mandatory. We will disable connections without SSL.

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